Healthy and beautiful nails for beautiful hands and feet

Time for summer, time for open shoes and therefore, feet on display. Even if we take care of our hands in autumn, feet are often at the bottom of the “take care of yourself” list during the colder months. And perfect hands and feet require well-groomed and colored nails, but What are the beauty trends in this area, And nail polish colors for this summer?

Lipgloss nails: the novelty of the summer

It is being understood that the beauty of nails also requires well-groomed hands and feet, like clothes, transparency and shine are the trend of the moment in this area too. The super shiny and glittery glittery effect on nails is called lipgloss nails and has already grabbed the attention (and hearts) of celebrities like Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, and Jennifer Lopez., Neutral colors such as milk, pink, soft lilac and nude, but more vibrant colors such as orange and green, are enhanced by the glossy textures that reveal them. brilliant and with subtle luminous nuancesJust like lip gloss. The key to “lip gloss” nails lies in the wet-looking texture—it’s fun and refreshing, which is why it’s ideal for summer. On the beach they reflect the sun and in the evening they match every outfit.n more brightening effect reduces the beauty of hands that appear healthier and more caring,

Well-kept hands, here’s how…

Since the lipgloss nails trend enhances the natural health of the nails, it is important to take care of them and not neglect them. If you’re not used to manicure and pedicure salons, you can find them Great product for an effective home beauty routine. The first step is always a scrub on damp hands, followed by a mask and oil for the nails and cuticles. Fedua Cuticula Oil For example, they are specially designed to care for nails, to keep the skin soft and velvety, to prevent drying or cracking. These treatments are based on a blend of natural oils that soften the cuticle and keep the nails resistant and flexible. Rainbow Oil is: A three-phase moisturizing and restorative oil for damaged nails. The synergy between Bamboo and Currant Oil helps to strengthen and protect nails. Jojoba oil in Rainbow Oil is moisturizing and soothing, helping to keep cuticles healthy. Whereas, due to its natural hardness, bamboo helps in preventing breakage. Apricot Oil: This exclusive treatment harnesses the emollient properties of macadamia and apricot oils to nourish the skin while preventing cuticle drying. Antioxidant and anti-aging effects, enriched with Vitamin E for its sweet scent and potency Moisturizers make it indispensable for nail care, Cuticle Gel Rose: Elegant and delicate cuticle gel with rose petals and rose essence, especially emollient and quick-drying firmer. Cuticle Gel Rose moisturizes cuticles thanks to its blend of Argan Oil. At the same time, wheat germ oil prevents the nails from falling. And then, brand propositions are also very valid sally hansen, super strength defense is a nail strengthenerClinically proven to strengthen and strengthen brittle nails in as little as one week; Insta-Smooth Ridge Filler: Self-leveling nail primer, instantly fills ridges and conceals nail imperfections. Illuminating Color Corrector: Illuminates, Helps Visibly reduces discoloration and discoloration of nails and instantly brightens them, Peel-Off Nail Mask: A hyaluronic acid-enriched mask for nails and cuticles. donate Instant relief from rough, dry nails while regenerating the cuticle. Cuticle Rehab Oil Balm: Instantly moisturizes nails and cuticles, enriched with Aloe vera and Safflower oils and Vitamin E.

… after curing the enamel

ballast beautyBerlin Heat, a conscious beauty brand specializing in hand and nail care, makeup and skin care, launches A summer collection of natural-based nail polishes inspired by the brand’s hometown of Berlin, is the new “must have” product Hard and strong enamel, usable alone or as a base, that forms a protective shieldImproves strength and helps prevent nails from breaking and splitting. Strengthening Nail Hardener is perfect for any occasion, especially for the summer season as it is made for strengthening nails or for those who prefer simplicity but still want to have clean and shiny nails always Are. The Berlin Heat collection features four colors inspired by the different neighborhoods of Berlin and the thousand expressive worlds that flourish there. Among the new colors we find: Berlin Sun, a bright and vivid yellow; Cloudy blue, very light blue with gray-purple hues; Urban Heat, a warm and saturated red-orange and blue Hourglass, a bright and vibrant blue. Summer trends seem tailor-made for this palette, from colorful French to watermelon nail art, to multicolored manicures for what’s trendy in hot summer cities. From TNS Cosmetics For summer, delicate, fresh and summer colors. The pastel color palette includes candy pink, candy blue, mint green, lilac, and apricot. Covering and effective nail polish for a beautiful manicure with a romantic mood. Pastel nail polishes are evergreen in the world of manicures: They’re delicate, sweet and have a lot of bon ton colorful charm. TNS Firenze offers Morning Sky, a delicate and dusty blue light with a hint of lilac, which makes the manicure glow, radiating a sense of balance, peace and well-being. Morning Sky is part of the new Spring-Summer collection. Inspired by the freedom to express one’s individuality, Wondercolor features a collection of 8 shades, a palette of timeless hues, such as Happy Day, a strong and energetic reddish-orange or Evergreen, a bright and sophisticated green

Sandals, Flip Flops and Slippers Showcase Your Feet: How to Make Them Healthy and Beautiful

Unlike hands, feet are covered by socks and shoes in cold weather and this means we often neglect them. Even Cristina Fogazzi, aka “the eccentric beautician” has underlined it with a post on social media these days talking about myself And if someone is a beautician by profession then forget… So what’s the beauty routine for a perfect pedicure? If the toenails often suffer from pathologies related to mycoses, the skin of the feet also often becomes cracked and hard in some places. That’s why every self-respecting beauty ritual starts with a footbath, Soaking feet in warm water provides immediate relief (circulation also benefits) especially if Epsom salt is added to the water, which can help eliminate toxins and soothe dry skin. The beauty routine for the feet then continues with a scrub, to eliminate dead cells and soften any calluses. One of the most recognized products is by Scrub Custom“Rite of Dao”, which calms and refreshes the skin by combining the effects of Fresh Chinese Peppermint with the emollient properties of Yi Yi Ren (Koikis cemen, or the seeds of Job’s tears). Follow it up with a moisturizer A massage, given that there are at least 72,000 nerve endings in the feet, would be good for the brain too!

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