Heart of Stone, Gal Gadot Becomes a Secret Service Agent

Heart of stone like 007. In many ways it vaguely resembles him, in others it’s really hard not to compare him, but the new Netflix film directed by Tom Harper and starring Gal Gadot is something else. A light story, full of action and technology, effective in its simplicity, even when it seems that everything is complicated beyond reality.

Heart of stone talks about the agent Rachel Stone, who is part of an organization called Charter. The agent infiltrated MI6 with the intent to catch Kaya Dhawan, a dangerous hacker. Rachel will emerge from her hiding place to save the lives of her teammates, victims of the surprise attack, where she discovers that Agent Parker, played by Jamie Dornan, apparently her friend and teammate, turns out to be her worst enemy, Keia’s accomplice. . The film is a great experiment, in fact within the story, Rahsel Stone turns out to be a functional character able to perform a role perfectly, shrouded in masculinity, probably due to the cultural heritage that has always seen male secret agents, at least in the works most successful. . In this sense, the great merit of Gal Gadot, accustomed to action roles since Fast and Furiousand lately under the guise amazing woman it inspires confidence from the opening scenes, proving to be the most appropriate choice for Agent Stone’s land. Who has to overcome the great obstacle, Jamie Dornanalthough Parker’s personality allowed him to transcend the canons of the classic handsome man, Dornan continues to carry the ghost of Mr. Gray, who occasionally returns to visit him during the course of the film, especially in scenes in which his aesthetic side dominates his acting qualities. .

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Heart of stone it has good rhythm, the main characteristic that allows more than two hours of the film to pass without a trace of a yawn. Dialogues leave room for pure action, giving the viewer the freedom to see almost passively, without the obligation of exaggerated attention, as the development of the story is easily understood even by an audience unfamiliar with information technology and broadly technology. The richness of the special effects does not dominate the originality of the locations, the “prologue” sequence over the Italian Alps or the flight scene over the desert of Senegal are colossal. What makes the successful base film turn up its nose a bit is the huge resemblance to some of its peers. In fact, some clichés typical of James Bond films are pursued, such as the opening casino setting or the use of long and articulated opening credits placed 20 minutes into the film. A similarity that is perceived and probably not needed. Besides, Heart of stone it’s certainly an enjoyable and well-made film that could have been improved if it had revealed the beginning of the film series.

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