Heart of Stone’s Gal Gadot says she suffered a lot on set of film: ‘I was covered in bruises’

Filming “Heart of Stone” demanded a lot from Gal Gadot’s physique and her physique suffered.

Gal Gadot told the price you have to pay to be in the place of Rachel Stone in Heart of stone. Which, as we immediately expect, turned out to be quite high! In the new Netflix film, the actress portrays a tenacious woman, also known as the Nine of Hearts, who is in charge of preventing an artificial intelligence system from falling into the wrong hands. Without resorting to the help of a stunt double, Gal Gadot agreed to shoot even the most physically demanding actions that are a source of unwanted attention in the public.

Gal Gadot, action scenes in “Heart of Stone” and … discomfort in public

Gal Gadot reveals she suffered a lot while filming

Being the main character Heart of stone in an interview with Sunwhen one day he was in the park with his daughters, he found that he had eyes are fixed on you. People kept looking at it and at first could not understand the reason. But then, as soon as she took a quick look at the clothes she was wearing, everything became clear to her. He’s really gone bare legs and a back full of bruises. He was dressed in a summer dress, indifferent to the marks left on his body by the scenes filmed in front of the camera.

Gal Gadot reveals she suffered a lot while filming

To fit perfectly into the role Heart of stone, took the trouble to participate in scenes that usually involve replacing the performer with stuntmen. THAT four damaged rear discs they remind her how difficult it was to take on this job.

In retrospect, he repeated everything while dealing with the “perils of trading.” Although he has two more hernias on his neck and the same number on his back, recreate fights this is one of his favorite activities. Numerous fans scattered around the world will feel even more respect in light of the announcements made. A commitment to cult films such as the saga of Fast and Furious already gave an idea of ​​the fearless character, Heart of stone was litmus paper.

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