Heat Lamp Bill | Keep your house this warm: Don’t worry about your electric bill

The cold has arrived in full force. When we least expect it, thermometers Temperatures began to drop below 10 degrees in most parts of the country. Falling temperatures mean the heating season begins in our homes. However, what remains concerning is the high price of the electricity bill at the end of the month.Thus, in Many families must shorten heating And don’t wear it for a long time.

So there are some ways you can save heating bill money.one of these tips Directly affects the temperature that must be set for heatinggiven that Improper use of temperaturepotentially causing your electricity bill to skyrocket.

We should set the heating temperature

repeatedly We think you can save more by placing heating Just spend a few hours a day. However, this idea is completely wrong.

If the house is cold, the heating must be turned on Do a good job in heating the housewhich will greatly increase consumption.

  • It is during the day The appropriate heating temperature is 19 to 21 degrees. Keeps the entire house at a pleasant temperature.

  • overnight We have to lower the heating temperature, it should be between 15 and 17 degrees.

Some notes about radiators

it’s important Clear heat sink. Especially before opening them for the first time.With this small action we will be able to eliminate small bubbles accumulated inside.

if you think so Covering the radiator with wet clothing is a good option, you should know you are wrong. When you put clothes on it, the radiator has to work harder to heat the house.Finally, remember Isolation doors and windows to reduce energy loss.

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