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In the end, the Bolivian won the 40th edition of the famous Mexican Marathon against a strong athlete from Kenya.

This is the moment when Héctor Garibay competes with the Kenyan athlete for the first place. Photo: Marathon Mexico Social Networks.

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Huge, gigantic, superb. We may not have the words to define what Hector Garribe did in Mexico on Sunday, as he held a serious discussion with the sport’s expert Kenyan during a marathon. It was a David vs Goliath fight but the stubborn Bolivian had planned in his decision to win at all costs, that’s why he even had the honor of defeating a team made up of pure Africans Army, he tugged until he tired them out, then shook them off.

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Athlete from “Pie de Viento de Oruro” continues to respect the name of the club he trained in Mexico, a lot of nobility and personality is missing in the participation of our athletes, Héctor Garibay will meet the Kenyan representative Trouble get to the finish line first.

From 20 km onwards, the Africans, as usual, in order to frighten their opponents, took part in the race, any spectator would think

“That’s it, they’re gone”, it makes sense for Hector to reach the finish line among normal people; however, it doesn’t happen because when the runner-up comes out at the end of the race, imagine who will chase him? This is our very own athlete, Hector “Gladiator” Garibhai.

Hector Garibai doubled his career after a powerful putt from African champion Titus Ekiru hit the Kenyan again, and since then it has been a non-stop fight as the Bolivian leads his opponents to the end , eventually exhausted.

Marathon winner: Hector Garibai again points to lack of financial support from Bolivian authorities

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