Heidi Klum, a Olivia Newton-John in The streets of los Angeles


Among the many changes that are happening in your life -just a few days ago confirmed that is going to change the name of your husband- Heidi Klum has gained the which has been one of the most sweet of his career. This week, the model it has returned to the sets of America’s Got Talent. And although has not been to resume his role as a member of the jury of the program, yes that will come out in a spin-off the contest in which he has participated over the years. Not only the news thrilled his fans, so did the look of the mannequin to your working day. The German opted for a styling fall very rockerthe umpteenth proof of that has rejuvenated his dressing room with some reminiscences to the aesthetics of 1950 that, in the absence of wear the hair curly, it became the Olivia Newton-John from Los Angelesthe end result is almost identical to the one the actress wore in the movie Grease.


The change of style that I was experiencing Sandy -the character that she performed for the film in 1978 – at the end of the tape, has been subjected to all kinds of tributes, and the last might well be the of the top model this week. As a student of the film, Heidi wore a pair of leather ceñidísimos that fit like a second skin, the tissue to which have already been rendered by the experts in fashion. It was precisely the fall garment which shocked his followers, who praised the taste of the model “Only Heidi Klum would be able to carry as well some leather pants”read one of their fans.


In addition, he wanted to make more evident the similarity with the black t-shirt as a second piece of styling. A garment with short sleeves that I remembered, along with the rest of the combination, the part in which they interpret You are the one that I want. The finishing touch put some sandals Giuseppe Zanotti (590 euros), the model Sophie that is subject only to the heel in black and patent leather. Also led as a final touch the accessory par excellence of Victoria Beckham, sunglasses dark Privé Revaux (27,11 eur), the design The Coconutwhose frame is straight at the top.


As a finishing of your look ‘Grease’ updated, that could be considered a modern reinterpretation in key 2019, and unlike Sandy, he preferred to spend of curls with a smooth silky. The same hair style we have revisited from the 90’s in addition, both women with short hair, the case of Kim Kardashian or Kaia Gerber, as with melenaza. We just hope to get them out of the trousers I had to make like Olivia Newton-John and break them in so tight that he had left.