Heidi Klum bikini shower and boat ride: her Sardinian summer

Withred-hot Aldo in Sardiniawith temperatures over 40 degrees. To fight the heat Heidi Klumwhile relaxing on an Italian island, I decided to treat myself nice refreshing shower. IN bikini, obviously to show all fans that at 50 she still has the physique of a supermodel. The real queen of provocations, who has made social networks her temple.

Heidi Klum’s love for Italy is a well-known fact. In 2019, the model got married Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of Tokio Hotel, in our country, or rather in Capri. A few weeks ago, she told her followers about her adventures with her husband on the streets of Venice, a classic gondola ride with two of her three children from her previous marriage to singer Seal. The supermodel is on a long tour of Europe and again stopped by Italy, this time to Sardinia. To better endure the heat, she allowed herself cold shower complete with ballet: dressed in black bikini with top and thong adorned with delicate gold chains, she began to jump, waving her arms.

After that, go for a boat ride. Heidi posted photos and videos from the walk, demonstrating “artistic” look. He boasted matching top and miniskirt with graphics that resumed painting Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci. And then, as accessories, a bright red bag that added zest to the image, a gold necklace and bracelets. In the last two photos of the post, Klum showed all her love for her husband, smiling sweetly at dinner, and then Kaulitz kisses his wife during the elevator ride. Holidays for couples full of passion.


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