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Heidi Klum a holiday in Capri is a continuous inspiration of style. Yes, she’s one of our favorites, even though she’s often and willingly dared on the red carpet with her looks. However, in Capri she is a real icon: she travels with her husband. Tom Kaulitz, continues to conquer our beautiful country with its breathtaking looks and costumes, such as the one posted on Instagram. For those tired of bikinis, it’s time to say yes to swimwear.

Heidi Klum on vacation in Capri: photo in a suit on Instagram

No one inspires us like Heidi Klum: at 50, on June 1, she is still a supermodel who grabs attention and shows unforgettable looks. She allowed herself a long vacation in Capri with Tom Kaulitz, which she has. got married in the area nothing more than suggestive. On Instagram he shared ensembles boldly, again: costume he definitely put in emphasize his silhouette.

But how he will be 50 years old, many are wondering. “Be sure to eat your favorite fruit,” she wrote next to a photo of it. super smiling. Happiness is now her favorite companion, although she recently received criticism and negative comments in a post with her husband Tom. For a couple it fourth wedding anniversary.

Micro bikini in Capri

In fact, Klum shows off his style in Capri. Not only one-piece swimsuits, albeit with a special cut, but also microbikinis, which should belong to the series Riot Swim Bixi Bottom, costing just over 100.00 euros. What makes her so beautiful and fit is inevitably love.

“Life has its ups and downs, and while I always wanted a permanent home with a fence, a dog, and kids, other things fell apart. And you know, a new love is coming, and as long as everyone is happy, I am happy, and everything is fine with us. After all, returning to Capri is a real dream come true for Klum because she can retrace a day of her life. wedding with Kaulitz.

Love story with Tom Kaulitz and connection with Capri

There love story between Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz started in 2018: it was a real lightning strike. At first, they agreed to keep the relationship a secret, but only in March of the same year did they open up. Jailbird was a backstage kiss America’s Got Talent. However, their love has remained so strong ever since. the couple decided to get married in 2019 with a secret ceremony.

First official debut? At the Cannes Film Festival in 2018. Then the wedding in Capri, in the company of friends and family. And now Heidi and Tom are back there to celebrate their love and especially to have a dream vacation. After all, there are many VIPs who have chosen our beautiful Italy for their holidays.

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