Heidi Klum, desperate for not being able to take the test of the Covid-19


Heidi Klum continues to in your house since last Tuesday, I had to leave the filming of the latest edition of America’s Got Talent. The model decided to leave the recording studio when you start to feel sick, a malaise that seems not to have forwarded during these days.

While it is true that at first it was reported that the problems of Heidi, had been caused by a food poisoningnow the German has shared a series of videos in which he explains that it all started feeling feverish, which has led him to think that it is infected with the coronavirus.

“It all started with a shiver, feeling of fever, cough, runny nose”, explained the top model in their stories of Instagram. Even so, Heidi has tried to be the test to discover if you have the disease or not but it has been impossible.

A situation that has begun to desesperarla: “I would love to get tested for coronavirus, but there is simply no one here. I’ve tried with two different doctors and I just can’t get one.”

For that reason, Heidi has chosen to stay isolated to avoid spreading the disease to more people. Waiting to know if it is a carrier of the virus or not, the model has been at home recovering.