Heidi Klum does not forget the good mood in his latest video session in lingerie


The work agenda of Heidi Klum back that burns. If the last few months has had to cancel some of their appointments of work, with the new measures of desescalada, the model has picked up the pace. And, what better to prepare again for their day-to-day in which there is no shortage of television cameras, events or red carpets to take care of your look? This Tuesday, the German received in your home Lorenzo Martin, your hairdresser, would fix the wicks that characterize his mane blonde perfect. Yes, the appointment beauty would be approved by all the authorities, as they both have taken very seriously what keep the safety distance. Do the best of their measures? That have managed to get a smile to thousands of fans of the German.


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And is that the hair stylist took care of the hair of Heidi dress with a umbrella! The encounter left a stamp which Heidi made sure to share on your profile, what did that many will compare with a modern Mary Poppins. Jokes aside, what was really important was that found an alternative that I permitera continue working without being exposed to the virus. “Sweetheart, we’ve found the way 😷😷 Be wicks on social distancing”, has written the top model accompanying the fun photograph, the umpteenth proof that there is no one who will gain in spontaneity. “It’s a great idea”, “there is Always a way of doing things” or “I’m going to copy the system”were some of the comments received below the image.


In addition to the suit-umbrella-that more than one of the followers of the hairdresser asked sympathetically if I could find in your size-, both worked with masks, following all the safety measures. “Only to you it would happen something like that”, I get to comment on another of your fans, as to the appointment of beauty, Heidi opted for a look that’s unconventional. The dummy she posed in underwear with a set of two pieces in black, fishnet stockings and high heels to game. The occurrences of the which is the model most fun of the industry continue to make you laugh to your community followers even in these moments. The proof that for a long you have to stay at home, or stop working for a while, keep doing the things to your style.


Although both Heidi like most of its companions of profession are expanding to raise awareness of the importance of prevention in full health crisis, it is certain that only the German is becoming viral with the messages you share on your personal account. Moreover, when the number of infections began to increase, was the first to become isolated from her husband, Tom Kaulitzto appeal to the social responsibility. The romantic video which went up by sharing a kiss, separated by a glass, you will have to add your publication with the hairdresser who would come to reflect the importance of respecting the minimum separation of one meter and use items that avoid the spread.

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The unique way that you have a hairdresser help protect against the coronavirus