Heidi Klum goes mad to her fans with her latest picture: ‘Are you pregnant?’


This is not the first time, nor it seems to be that will be the last: Heidi Klum turns to face the question of his admirers if you are pregnant her husband, the guitarist Tom Kaulitz. On this occasion, the doubt could be said that it has been intentionalalthough unsourced, if we are sincere. Everything has happened after the last photo that the model and German tv presenter, 46, wanted to share with its more than 7.3 million followers. In it, we can see her lifting her lace dress to reveal a bikini and exposing a incipient tummy. However, the pose is forced (and also mimicked by your partner and the brother of this, the musician Bill Kaulitz) to give sense to the phrase that accompanies the image: “The dinner was very good”.


A position that is more forward to the arrival of a baby is intended to symbolize the succulent menu that they took for dinner. Despite these reasons, the doubts among their followers have not been made wait. “Are you pregnant?” This question is the most often repeated among the more than 1.969 comments that records the publication, while in others it launches a “congratulations”. Connoisseurs of the personality fun of the model, many accompany your contribution of laughter, as have done the models Ariadne Artiles and Alessandra Ambrosio.


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With this publication, seem to be back moments of tension as those who lived just a few weeks ago when they were waiting for confirmation of whether this was a good test of the coronavirus and that led them to star in a kiss ‘forbidden’. It also seems to be forgotten, the possibility that Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz have a baby together. For him, it would be their first child; for her, the fifth. Regardless, they both live with happiness your marriage after your wedding last summer after a dating that started at the end of the 2018 winter.