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Heidi Klum it is the indisputable queen of Halloween and this 2019 has once again revalidated as worthy possessors of the throne. Or the many guises of the sisters Kardashiannor Gisele Bündchen dressed by Mother Earth, even the princes Mette Marit and Haakon of Norway doing a tribute to The Tenenbaunms of Wes Anderson. The model German of 46 years is knowing how to keep the hype and how to make the costume more spectacular, which transformed into a mix of alien and bionic woman.

This year, the mannequin has curly the curl. Throughout the Thursday, and long before you began the festival, was hanging several videos on their social networks so that all their followers could see the transformation that it underwent. And not only that: those who wanted to could see the change in live and direct.

Heidi Klum, in her Halloween party in 2019.

Heidi Klum, in her Halloween party in 2019. FILMMAGIC/AP

From the early hours of the morning, Klum announced on the social network Twitter that he would be “all day” in the book store Amazon Prime (with whom he has been allied also to the subsequent feast) located on 34th street in New York, where, surrounded by hairstylists, makeup artists and assistants, began his transformation. “Let the party begin!”, said Klum in the networks, in which he invited his followers to be overlooked by the establishment, with the windows decorated with cobwebs, to say hello.

Dozens of fans and photographers watched attentively from the sidewalk, that as he had announced the own Klum, took about 10 hours to complete, and that included prostheses that provided him with the model a wide hips and large breasts that began to give some clue of what has been their choice of 2019.

In their short videos on Instagram, could be seen the delicate process in which several people help you to donning the suit of silicone that transforms her slender figure, which she admitted to feeling “a bit exposed”. The model even had to pause to eat, as showed in their networks, and then it could be a little bit more of her costume, with a prosthesis, which exposed the intestines and the heart, as well as the muscles of the legs and arms. “Pasta and prosthesis,” he announced. After the break, began the process of facial reconstruction and, shortly after, his team helped with the details, by replacing metal parts in several areas of the head (which also gave him a network of cables), the torso, the chest, the arms and legs, as well as spikes along the spine.

Already in the photocall the party could see Klum together with her husband, the musician Tom Kaulitz, who comes from a couple of years ago and with whom he married first in February, and after this past summer. The guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel was disguised as an astronaut, but with a touch of bloody: with the hatch broken and the face and the space suit completely bloodied. The event was attended by familiar faces, among them actor Neil Patrick Harris, the singer Maluma and the models Karlie Kloss, Constance Jablonski or Elsa Hosk.

The German, celebrating the 20 years of its famous Halloween party, which has seen unrecognizable dressed up as Princess Fiona —the bride of Shreck—, Jessica Rabbit, a character from the movie Who framed Roger Rabbit?, ape, or of the hindu goddess Kali.

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