Heidi Klum parades with a design of Dundas for the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2020


Heidi Klum there has not been one of the invited highlights of the edition 62 of the Grammy Awards. The model German walks the red carpet with her newly released husband, Tom Kaulitz, with a model of generous neckline signed by Dundas for the collection 2020.

Klum bet for a long dress opening front with appliqued bright silver tones. The dress, which looks at neckline dizzying, remarkable for its sleeves bat and lacing in the central part.

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The model is not very favored with this court and, in addition, it is not correct to add accessories such as a double collar and several rings. Finally, the mane XXL with bangs and aires carefree (style 70) not home with the brilliance of the design of Dundas.

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