Heidi Klum reaches, finally, the happiness in the marriage


In 1997, a young Heidi Klum she gave the ‘yes I want’ to Ric Pippin. Their marriage lasted until 2002, when they signed the divorce. Three years later, was Sealthe father of three of her four children (the oldest of them was born of an ‘affair’ with the magnate of Formula 1 Flavio Briatore). That lasted until, in 2012 materialized, in a legal way, the end of the relationship.

As they say that no two without three, the model passed again by the altar eight months ago. The chosen, Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of Tokio Hotel and responsible for this, after their earlier failures, you feel you’ve found the absolute happiness to the side of someone, in a relationship.

For the first time, experiment what it means to truly have a partner”

So what he has expressed in an interview granted to the magazine ‘People’ on the occasion of the premiere of the ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’: “I’m just a happier person“. And has it more than clear that the person responsible for your mood and situation in your life, it is he. “I used to face it all alone. But, for the first time, I can experience what it means to truly have a partner”, he adds.

“From the first moment, I have a partner with whom I can talk about everything. Someone with whom to share the difficulties we all have in our life”, concludes that reflection about how much has your life changed Tom, her third husband and, it seems, the only one that has been able to convey to them what is the life in couple.