Heidi Klum reveals her latest beauty tips



The model and tv star Heidi Klum has been subjected to an interesting questionnaire on the part of the british edition of Elle magazine which has led, among other things, to make public some of their tricks of beauty and health more effective, some of them recently acquired.

In fact, the dummy German did not hesitate to welcome to their latest “discovery”: a sun cream firm La Roche-Posay, which has been described as “light”, ideal for daily use and also equipped with a “smoked” that is very flattering to your skin tone. “It’s perfect for the day-to-day, there is nothing dense and offers the maximum protection,” he assured.

On the other hand, also a judge of ‘America’s Got Talent’ comes to adhering to a diet as healthy and balanced as possible, that is, with a high consumption of fruits and vegetables, for feel as good on the outside as on the inside. Also, the German has to resort to a daily supplements, made with all-natural ingredients, to strengthen hair and nails.

“Every morning I take a shake and use a supplement of vitamins for nails, hair and skin”, has been revealed in the same conversation for, just then, to presume that your sessions of makeup, at least in the last few months, they do not last more than fifteen minutes. “I do not take more than fifteen minutes, I start with a soft base, curl my lashes and put some color in my cheeks,” explained the versatile artist.