Who doesn’t want to turn 50 like Heidi Klum? The question is clearly rhetorical: in fact, there are quite a few fans of the model who would like to know the secret that allows her to maintain such a physical shape.

Answering questions from her Instagram followers, Heidi revealed a secret: it’s all about breakfast. The former ‘Victoria’s Secrets’ angel has revealed that she starts her day with a low-fat meal that includes three poached eggs in hot chicken broth. He also added that he should not eat more than 900 calories a day.

When asked about her weight, Klum first joked about how dusty her scales were due to the fact that she did not use them much, and then stated that she weighed about 63 kilograms.

This isn’t the first time the America’s Got Talent judge has been candid about her relationship with food and her body, and how comfortable she feels about it. Already in 2020, in an interview with Ryzhiy magazine, he said: “I am satisfied with who I am and who I am. If it wasn’t like that, I would have changed.”

(Photo source: Instagram @heidiklum)

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