Heidi Klum stars in a disaster ‘beauty’ more severe than that of Uma Thurman


The gala amfAR has assembled some of the most prominent stars on the planet in Paris, where they have deployed their best and most glamorous style weapons. One of the celebs that has not missed this important appointment has been Heidi Klum. The model, who has come accompanied by her partner, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, has become one of the protagonists of the evening and not precisely for having been the ‘best dressed’ of the night.

Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum
The guitarist Tom Kaulitz and model Heidi Klum. / Gtres

Despite the fact that the entrepreneur tends to hit on the important appointments, on this occasion, has skated in all senses. Far from opting for a classic gown, the German has caught in the French capital with a striking set dominated by a kimono with floral embroideriesthat combined with a few blue pants, filled with paillettes and a few simple. A combination a both convoluted that, in addition, been accompanied by a beauty look with the that he was unrecognizable. Shadow blue diffused without sense, gloss nude, flashes of glitter, and a hairstyle with waves and lateral line which added years to the fashion designer.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum has returned with the face transformed. / Gtres

Despite the fact that makeup is to enhance beauty and conceal imperfections, incorrect application or choice of the make up you can play a trick and to completely transform the face of a person. So much so that other celebs as Uma Thurman, who came to be compared with the impressive change of Renée Zellweger.

Uma Thurman
Actress Uma Thurman. / Gtres

However, after numerous speculations about possible tweaks, the reality came to light: the transformation of the interpreter was a product of the makeup. The actress Kill Bill he responded emphatically: “It seems that nobody liked my makeup”. | [LEER: Diana de Gales: la eterna ‘influencer’ que sigue siendo tendencia]