Heidi Klum surprises all dressed up inside of a dresser in NY


Heidi Klum is disguised as the view of all. Photo: screen Capture

Heidi Klum is disguised as the view of all. Photo: screen Capture


The undisputed queen of Halloween, the model Heidi Klum, wanted this year to overcome new expectations dressed up to the view of all in a showcase in the center of Manhattan.

From the early hours of the morning, the celebrity announced on the social network Twitter that he would be “all day” in the shop of books of Amazon Prime located on 34th street in the Big Apple, where surrounded by hairstylists, makeup artists and assistants he has started his transformation.

“Let the party begin!”said Klum in the networks, in which he invited his followers to be overlooked by the establishment to say hello.

Dozens of fans and photographers watched attentively from the sidewalk, which as has been said the own Klum it would take 10 hours to completeand that includes prosthetics that give the model a wide hips and large breasts that give some clue of what has been their choice of 2019.

In one of his short videos in Instagram can be seen the delicate process in which several people the help donning the suit of silicone that transforms your slender figure, in which he confesses to feel “a bit exposed”.

The German celebrating 20 years of its famous Halloween party, which has seen unrecognizable dressed up as Princess Fiona, Jessica Rabbit, simian, or of the hindu goddess Kali.


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