Heidi Klum was rejected for being ‘too curvy’ and had a bad relationship with food


The dream teens Heidi Klum to become a supermodel led her to move to New York from Germany with just 18 years. It wasn’t long before she reached the heights of success in modeling, posing for the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1998 and becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel, joining the ranks of the best models of the world.

Now, at the age of 46, has added television personality to her resume and has presented several programs, including America’s Got Talent, Next Top Model of Germany, and its new program that will be issued this year, Making the Cut. As a model and public figure for decades, Klum has become accustomed to maintaining a strict diet to maintain his figure, which used to be a struggle for her, but now she says she is accustomed to and happy with who he is.

“The diet Heidi Klum”

Looking to Klum now, you would never know that she has had four children, and is reaching the end of their 40 years. Not only is he kept in shape, but he also had an enviable vitality and enthusiasm for life. So how did he do it?

In 2017, the Women’s Health magazine interviewed the nutritionist Klum, Oz Garcia, to find out what it eats, Klum and how he keeps so fit. What is revealed Garcia was not a fad diet or anything complex, and is on par of a diet that followed by many health enthusiasts.

Some common elements in the menu Klum are eggs, salmon, chicken, vegetables, yogurt, rice and other lean foods and healthy. Nothing remarkable, however, what is remarkable is that lists the specific weights of the portions of such foods, a step that only tend to follow people who make diet more strict.

In regards to the exercise routine Klum, at that time, the magazine reported that did not maintain a schedule of training stable. Instead, I chose to use their time with their dogs and children to duplicate their time of exercise through jogging and bike rides.

Heidi Klum had to be “disciplined” about the food

Heidi KlumHeidi KlumHeidi Klum | Jason Merritt / .

While your diet may not have changed much in the transition from model to host, Klum has become accustomed to your eating habits at this time of your life. In a recent interview with the magazine Network, Klum revealed: “At first, I had to [be disciplined about food] and now I’m so used to it. There are so many options, just choose the right things. Because then you don’t have the fight. “

She continues, saying she is happy with who she is now. This seems to be not only for your comfort in your own skin but also for your relationship with her third husband, Tom Kaulitz.

But at the beginning of his career, that was not the case. Klum, who appears on the cover of the may issue of 2020 magazine Network, told the publication that he had to be strict about your diet at the beginning of his career. He also said that it was rejected by the high-fashion brands for being “too curvy”.

Heidi Klum says that shares the same values with her husband Tom Kaulitz

Klum is married to her first husband, celebrity hairstylist Ric Pippin, from 1997 to 2002, and the singer Seal from 2005 to 2014. Since then married with the German guitarist, Tom Kaulitz and says that their marriage “just works”.

Kaulitz is younger than Klum, a factor that seems to be part of its appeal.

“He is a man of 30 years, so that his life and spirit are different. He makes music and his brother has the hair neon green. Has tattoos everywhere, ” he told the magazine Network. He also said that they love spending time together at home and he gets along well with his children.

In terms of your parenting partnership with your ex-husband, Seal, she says that she is doing the best they can but things are not “pink”. However, things are not all bad.

“It’s difficult sometimes, but you have to meet all the family and, sometimes, everything is like jumping on the clouds”. The way things are, “ he said.