Hepatitis A outbreak in Dagua, they found feces in the water: “Emergency is over”

Dagua authorities remain vigilant about hepatitis A epidemic in rural areas
An outbreak of hepatitis A has affected more than 70 people in Dagua. – Photo: Telepacífico News.

they report A prison in Nandagua has more than 70 cases of hepatitis AThe Valais Health Secretariat said the care of the rural aqueduct is the responsibility of the community.

Valley News.

In recent days, the city of Dagua has issued an alert for a hepatitis A outbreak, affecting dozens of people in the area, when in fact the problem lies in the water.

Therefore, the Valle Health Secretariat reports that the CVC, together with the Valle Health Executive Unit, Monitor the water flow of 4 aqueducts, Because according to this outbreak, it may stem from water contamination.

“One of the sites is heavily contaminated with human waste, specifically excrement,” said María Cristina Lesmes, the valley’s health minister.

This hepatitis A outbreak affected approximately 73 people, some of whom had to be hospitalized.

Following the alert in the city of Dagua, Maria Cristina Lesmes said the epidemic was over and no more cases of hepatitis A had been reported.

He also assured that the root cause of this outbreak is polluted watera, they found There was feces in one of the fountainscontaminating the rest of the water.

Likewise, he said aqueducts in rural areas “are the responsibility of communities” who must monitor and care for their water sources.

Finally, the department secretary advised people without aqueducts not to drink unboiled water.

Likewise, if this illness occurs, isolate yourself from others and go to a medical center if necessary.

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