Hepatitis C is a health problem affecting thousands of Mexicans

In the framework of World Hepatitis C Day, it is important to raise awareness about this chronic, asymptomatic and highly contagious disease transmitted through blood contact, which kills approximately 399,000 people every year (i).

For many years, the World Health Organization healthy (World Health Organization) declares hepatitis C virus (HCV) a health problem. healthy Global public, affecting approximately 58 million people around the world(two). There are approximately 1.5 million new infections every year, and in our country, approximately 600,000 Mexicans suffer from this disease, less than 25% of whom know their diagnosis.(three).

Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV), which is characterized by being asymptomatic (iv) and, if not detected in time, increases the risk of liver diseases such as cancer and cirrhosis (v). It is important to note that HCV is spread through contact with the blood of a carrier, and it can take up to 20 years after infection for symptoms to appear.

It is recommended that all adults get tested for HCV at least once in their lives, especially if they have been exposed to any risk factors, such as: reusing needles or using non-sterile medical equipment, tattoos or piercings.(saw)have received a blood transfusion or blood product, received an organ transplant from a person with the virus, have hemophilia or HIV infection, or have been exposed to the blood of a person with hepatitis C through sharing personal hygiene items such as razors and toothbrushes, or during a dental procedure Inappropriate use of sterilization techniques during the process (vii),(eight).

Currently, due to scientific advances, 95% of HCV is treatable and curable.world organization healthy (WHO) aims to eliminate 90% of diseases by 2030 (ix). Mexico joins this commitment to ensure that Mexican society has access to the following measures and agreements: healthy necessary to ensure timely treatment of hepatitis C throughout the population through national hepatitis C elimination programmes.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to detect the disease promptly and receive appropriate treatment from a specialist, thereby working together to eradicate this disease from the country.

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