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the case hepatitis In Tamaulipas, this ratio has doubled; to epidemiology week 15. According to the Ministry of Health, 330 cases have been detected, compared to 151 cases in the same period in 2022. Secretary of State.

According to the report, of the 330 cases, 69 were Hepatitis C This is the most careful.

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in a statement Sanitation CommitteeAccording to reports, the federal government, in coordination with state governments, applies National strategy to eliminate hepatitis Cases are sought deliberately, which is why 7,296 tests have been carried out in Tamaulipas this year through the program.

The government has reportedly allocated P36 million to expand diagnosis and treatment of the disease. disease.

“this hepatitis is a serious public health problem and is commemorated on this day world hepatitis day“We call on everyone to work together … to fight this disease that causes cirrhosis and liver cancer in the population,” said Health Secretary Vicente Joel Hernández Navarro.

“Through this government strategy Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorExpand the scope of free diagnosis and treatment to promote the recovery of patients,” he added.

a disease that takes life

he said this diseaseis caused by a virus that claims countless lives every year, and symptoms appear when the disease is already in an advanced stage.

“It is therefore important to detect its presence in a timely manner through testing in modules of care in each unit. healthy’, he emphasized.

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According to authoritative sources, according to World Health Organizationhepatitis is a cause of high morbidity and mortality worldwide, estimated at 57% Cirrhosis cases 78% of primary liver cancer cases are caused by HIV virus. Hepatitis B and C.

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“this hepatitis It is a silent killer, and we do not realize we have it until symptoms appear and the disease has progressed to an advanced stage; thus, July 28 was designated as the day world hepatitis day Call and ask about the risk it represents,” the official said Health in Tamaulipas.

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