Her alleged stalker, Drew Barrymore, was arrested after trying to get to the star’s Long Island home.

Barrymore’s stalker finally faces trial after star’s public harassment

Drew Barrymore sees a very unfortunate event that has made her take a rather drastic direction in recent days when her alleged stalker is finally taken into custody by US law enforcement. The star, who was harassed along with her interviewer during a public appearance a few days ago, also saw her home on the island of London attacked by a man who had previously also shown a morbid interest in Amber Heard.

Barrymore’s hyper-relaxed reaction during the interrupted interview resonated with fans, who praised the star’s even-tempered approach to even a potentially highly traumatic event. The circumstances of Chad Busto’s arrest are cause for great concern.

Drew Barrymore arrested Chad Busto while searching the star’s door

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Chad Busto was caught knocking door to door looking for Drew Barrymore’s apartment. Southampton police quickly realized that this was the same person who caused trouble during the interrogation of RenĂ© Rapp.

The interview was interrupted by a man who announced his involvement by greeting Barrymore, but in an apparently very unsettling tone. So many, in fact, that they managed to convince the local security service to intervene and decide to take the two women. Barrymore has yet to make any explicit comments on the situation.

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