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her beauty secrets to look irresistible

Angelina Jolie She is an extremely beautiful woman, even without a drop of makeup she looks spectacular, but she also knows how to take advantage of her physical features by strategically applying small beauty tips that make her stand out in a spectacular way.

Let us remember that the hollywood actress It is one of the most beautiful, and that is why we want to share its beauty secrets so that you can apply and adapt them to your own characteristics and also take advantage of your physical features in an enviable way to see you irresistible.

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Beauty secrets

Elongated eyes. Angelina Jolie has almond-shaped eyes, in addition her tuno is blue, so she usually wears outlines that lengthen her eyes or highlight her natural color, for this she opts for the eye cat or the dark smoke eye, especially using black tones, gray and wine, as well as smoked.

In this way the actress who gives life to Maleficent manages to highlight your look and take advantage of the characteristics of your eyes no matter where you go, so you can follow these tips and make your gaze seductive and enigmatic with a lifting effect.

Red on the lips. The lipstick in red tones is suitable for all skin types and science has proven that a little lipstick on the lips can make you look much more attractive, that is why Brad Pitt’s ex takes advantage of having prominent lips .

And regardless of whether your lips are not as big as Angelina Jolie’s, you can wear red to make an impact wherever you go, just try to find a shade of red that suits your physical characteristics so that at all times your features, we share some tips on what you should and should not do to put red lipstick on your lips.

High cheekbones. The features of the faces help a lot to make you look more attractive and that is why the Lara Croft actress: Tomb Raider takes advantage of framing her cheekbones even more, for this you only need to color a darker tone of your skin tone in the parts you want hide and a lighter color in the part you want to highlight, in this case the cheeks.

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Angled brows. The eyebrows do not always deserve more attention, but to take advantage of them as Angelina does, you must define a “peak” in the eyebrows to give them an angular shape and that gives your look a frame to show character, especially since the eyebrows straight lines give the impression of tenderness.

Luminous hair. Voluminous hair is a sign of health and beauty, that is why it is recommended that in addition to the usual care so that it looks beautiful at all times, ask for a layered cut and at the ends apply soft waves in the style of Angelina to give it more volume and movement.

Radiant skin. Do not forget to take care of your skin properly by drinking two liters of water daily, using ingredients that stimulate collagen production and mainly applying sunscreen, that way your skin will look radiant and you will not need to wear a lot of makeup.

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