her friend Gigi Hadid devotes four significant emoticons, a photo and a sweet message –


The supermodel showed her love to her best friend.

The well-known squad of Taylor Swift it is characterised by include the famous most successful of the moment, among them, some of the models most influential in these days. For obvious reasons, Gigi Hadid it is within this select group, and on many occasions we witnessed as close as they are, whether it is by travel that made meetings or events attended. Now the top model, it makes clear how important it is to the singer for her through a message in your account of Instagram where I wished him a happy birthday.

Today, 13 of December, youGigi Hadid showed her love to her best friend, Taylor Swift! The model, 24 years old, posted a sweet message on Instagram dedicated to the singer You Need to Calm Down, who just turned 30 years old on Friday.

“My T !💛 An old soul celebrating 30 years here … and what genia sos. It is rare that someone can be inimitable but still make the hearts feel at home with a innate generosity. I love you and can’t wait to celebrate sister !!!!HAPPY BDAY🍾🍾🍾”