Her move well on stage and, without wanting to, if you lift up the dress, OMG!


Her to been able to stay in the public talk by his talent and his music

The singer Beyonce is, without a doubt, one of the artists more controversial in the United States, it was the age of a 38-year-old has managed to date throughout the u.s. and Latin america.

Videos on how to Run the World has managed to date all of the young people, and it is for this reason that it has become the music video of the year, as the artist, shows, dancing, all of his talents.

We have recently seen a video on its official account of Instagram of Herself, which has left fans with their mouth open, because she manages to surprise us with his dancing, and how to move around in the scene.

The audio-visual, what we’re talking about don’t have any comment on the part of the artist, as it is, without doubt, the words do not make you lack, when the things that are seen are simply amazing.

Between each of the clients, we highlight the following: “BITTE BITTE BITTE wünsche, DIR, the philosophy of schopenhauer direkt von GOTT !!! Wünsche Dir bitte this wunderschönes … that was DU’s total vermisst & BRAUCHST, in dieser Welt !!! Aber diesmal NICHTS was mit GELD & MATERIE zu tun hat !!! BITTE BITTE BITTE tue of a !!! LIEBE & LICHT für DICH !!! DANKE !!!”