her sandals are transparent are the protagonists


Each season born new trends: some break with everything, others become a recycling renewed of past trends. This summer 2019 footwear PVC transparent bursts in with force, and this is what we have been seeing over these last few weeks. It is now Sofia Richie who reminds us of the importance of betting for sandals of this caliber: is adapted to all styles and possible situations.

The invasion of the sandals of vinyl is a reality and these 15 models are an example

Betting on basic

We know that the key to success is hidden behind the clothes more simple and basic, and the model also knows this. Betting on a sort of t-shirt/sweatshirt crop top in lilac and straight-leg jeans, your feet will become the focus of attention thanks to some high heel sandals transparent PVC and white details. Next to a fanny pack black leather hanging from the shoulders and a pair of sunglasses type display, Sofia proves that in order to succeed, one does not need to much.

Dl U434665 004

Your proposal is versatile and comfortable -perfect for the days in which our mind does not want to lose a lot of time with the ‘what should I wear?’-, although many opt for a top different.

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