Hercules live, Taron Egerton and Ariana Grande in the cast?

There Disney he doesn’t seem to want to settle on the success of remakes of his animated classics. After the last movie Mermaid starring actress and singer Halle Bailey, the live-action release is due in 2024. Snow White taken from the first classic of 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and it will play the role of the first actress of Disney princess Rachel Zegler with Gal Gadot at her side as the Evil Queen, who, in order to get the role, had to pass an audition where she had to prove that she could sing. Among the upcoming feature films that Disney, which turns 100 this year, is planning OceaniaFrom Lilo and Stitch and from Hercules, and there are also rumors that Rapunzel. As for Rapunzel, there are rumors these days that as the long-haired princess, Disney would target Florence Pugh in a possible remake. The Princess and the Frog It looks like the company is considering casting actress Lupita Nyong’o in the lead role of Tiana.

Herculesdisney live coming soon

One of the most beloved Disney films announced for live performances is Hercules, released theatrically in an animated version in 1997. The film follows Hercules, the son of Zeus and Hera, deprived of his powers since childhood by Hades after he learns that a newborn could ruin his plans when he becomes an adult. For this reason, the boy is raised by two peasants, and when he discovers his true identity, he decides that his real father will welcome him to Olympus. But to do this, Hercules must restore his strength and prove that he is a true hero, and for this reason he turns to the greatest mentor of heroes: the satyr Philoctetes. His plan will be put to the test by Hades, who will try to stop Hercules from regaining his powers, and to do so, he will use Megara, who sold her soul to the god of the underworld for the boy, but the latter will eventually perish. fall in love with Hercules, who will reciprocate his love, and then Hades will find the hero’s weak spot.

HerculesTaron Egerton and Ariana Grande could play the lead characters in a Disney live-action movie?

Since the 2020 announcement of the live-action film Hercules, there has been little news about the film. Now, according to @MyTimeToShineHello and #BuzzingPop (via buyer Daniel Richtman @DanielRPK) on X (ex-Twitter) as well as the website tooonadoRumor has it that Disney may have considered the names to interpret the protagonists of the film Hercules and Megara, and in particular two actors much loved by the public: Taron Egerton AND Ariana Grande. The former made a name for himself with his acting in the first two films of the Kingsman saga and proved to be an excellent performer and had good vocal talent in the biopic. rocket manwhere Elton John himself praised his talent for singing, but also in the animated film LONELY and in continuation SING 2. Ariana Grande, on the other hand, is one of the most famous pop stars of recent years and will be one of the film’s main characters. Wicked inspired by the musical of the same name, set in the world of the Wizard of Oz. Ariana Grande’s name was already linked to the movie Hercules when it was in the collection. We love Disney the artist reimagined the song Zero to Herowhich in the cartoon was originally sung by the Muses.

Herculeswho else could be in Disney live action?

Also, Philoctetes would be ideal for the role of a satyr. Danny DeVito, which was the character’s original voice in the Disney classic. Regarding the role of Hades, a name that has been circulating for some time (via We got that cover) would Benedict Cumberbatch because of the resemblance to the character, but also Jim carrey AND Jeff Goldblum due to the fact that Hades is one of the funniest and most beloved Disney villains.

What do we know about live action so far? Hercules

live action Hercules produced by the Russo brothers, directors Avengers: Infinity War AND Avengers: Endgame the screenplay will be written by David Callaham and directed by Guy Ritchie, former director of the classic Disney action movie. Aladdin, which many viewers consider the best of this line of films. The flesh-and-blood Hercules remake, as already announced, will not follow the literal translation of the film, but will add other elements to the story while retaining the original spirit of the classic right down to the definition of the musical genre. Therefore, rumors about possible participation in the project of actors such as Taron Egerton, who showed that he can sing, as well as Danny DeVito, who performed the song sung by Philoctetes in the original 1997 film, and the choice of pop star Ariana Grande could make sense, and if these names were confirmed, it would be the cast with all the embellishments.

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