Here are 10 mistakes you should never make with your gazpacho

this is not news to anyone Gazpacho it is A great classic of Spanish cuisine. especially in summeryou prefer to eat light and healthy food, so your increase in consumption this is typical Find it on pub menus across the country and cook it up at home.

Although there are many kinds of recipes, such as Extreme Gazpacho or most commonly, Andalusiaall in Preparation Process as at that time serve itpromised most common mistakes what it looks like compromise quality The final plate.

Properties and Benefits of Gazpacho

A variety of plant foods rich in fiber and vitamins/Photo: Canva

gazpacho has a high nutritional value Because according to nutritionists Carolina Perez From Quirónsalud, this dish is rich in Vitamins C, E and Antioxidants thus improving hydration fur.

also brought a lot minerals Such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, sodium, etc., in addition to containing high water, mineral salts and fiber, facilitates intestinal transit and promotes cleansing of the body.It also helps reduce blood pressure.

“Consumption of the main natural ingredients of gazpacho alone has been associated with lower blood pressure. Arterial hypertension, a disease affecting 25% of the adult population, is a major risk factor for heart attack, heart muscle and brain”, confirms the experts.

#1 Choosing Poor Quality Ingredients

Vegetables displayed in store / Photo: Canva

Gazpacho Now it is not a profit plate Same as the original, so no need to craft it with leftover, On the contrary, it is convenient to use ingredients High quality and, if possible, the proximity.

this original recipe The ingredients for gazpacho – although more and more variations are accepted – it contains tomatoes, bread, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar, cucumbers, peppers, onions or shallots and water.

this tomato They should be ripe, but not overripe. if still too much green This shows that they are not mature enough, they don’t add flavor In addition to providing acidity, it can be added to the dish.Recommended to buy often pear or vine tomatoes, Both were very fleshy, red in color and well balanced in flavor.

best use Green pepper because it is better than red and Extra virgin olive oil A slightly bitter variety.

he bread Services for bold Dish, but should not be too hard or too old.according to john ruizOwner of the restaurant La Salmoreteca (Córdoba), the ideal is to use tender crumbs. “Removing it was a mistake because it helped reduce acidity Tomatoes are the main product”, explains the chef.

it also explains no bread results in changing dishes, so if suffering from any Intolerance can be replaced with Quinoa or some other thickener such as nutso that they can accept Patients with celiac disease.

#2 Let Tomatoes Dominate

Tomatoes of different varieties, sizes and colors / Photo: Canva

While tomatoes are the main ingredient in gazpacho, this dish must have the flavor of all the ingredients because it’s not tomato sauce.Ruiz pointed out Look for Balance and proportion of flavors. “If we use a kilo of tomato, we put 80-100 grams of cucumber, 20 garlic, 16-20 grams of salt, 80 grams of green pepper. Water, half of the tomato, 500 grams,” he pointed out.

Any ingredient should not be exceeded or the result will be unbalanced.the dish Can’t taste garlic or pepper. You also can’t abuse the onions, as the gazpacho will lose its subtlety.In addition, this soup is indeed innovative, but it is not suitable for drinking too much ingredients because it already contains delicious vegetables in.

#3 Add salt before grinding

Fine sea salt on the table/Photo: Canva

It often happens that if Add salt before grinding, mixture may be present Very salty it will be difficult in the future correct Vary the proportions of other avoid taking too little or too much salt, the ideal is to test the formulation when new salt is added raw material.

#4 Crush the tomatoes without peeling

Tomatoes in a food processor/Photo: Canva

For a completely light and creamy texture, all tomatoes should bald Thus avoiding the absence of solid remains.

However, it is also recommended don’t peel so they don’t lose their flavor. According to Ruiz, if the skin is removed, partial nutrient loss The most precious mixture in this case can be tension Separate the solid fragments from the liquid.

#5 Pour all the oil in one go

Olive oil line on spoon/Photo: Canva

For a denser texture, oil must be added in line form when mixing Put the rest of the ingredients in a blender. Otherwise, the gazpacho may be too runny.

#6 Mix all ingredients at once

Ingredients for making gazpacho in an electric grinder / Photo: Canva

believe Smash order It doesn’t affect the end result, which is a typical mistake in gastronomy. Some gazpacho lovers prefer to grind the ingredients individually, start with vegetables Continue making the loaves, adding the oil little by little to lightly bind for a smoother texture.

However, there are also people who grind all the vegetables with oil, then add bread, vinegar, and pass through the blender again.

#7 Not getting proper textures

Gazpacho with a thick texture/Photo: Canva

The ideal texture is a very relative concept as it depends on taste and preference can be as thick as Salmorejo, but if you like to do more liquid Like vegetable soup, you can tension mix Finally remove solid residue or grind for about 10 minutes to make it more homogeneous beautiful.

#8 Too much garlic and vinegar

Heads of garlic and cloves floating in vinegar along with two bottles of oil and vinegar/Photo: Canva

One of the most common concerns is that the gazpacho is too strong because vinegar or too much flavor garlic So repeat.

Vinegar brings a much-needed refreshment to gazpacho, but vinegar that is too strong should not be used. Chef Maju points out that 40 grams is enough.Likewise, it recommends using balsamic or appellation of origin vinegars Montilla-Morrilles anyone Sherry.

As for the garlic, you can use mild ones like purple; replaced with onion, which is sweeter; or cut it Divide into quarters and soak in water and vinegar for ten minutes Reduce its strength.

#9 Temperature: Neither cold nor nice

Small glasses of gazpacho with chopped vegetables on a plate with ice / Photo: Canva

Once we make the gazpacho, the best let it rest Put it in the refrigerator for about two hours cool.If we have leftover gazpacho and we want to keep it, we can put it in the refrigerator, covered plastic wrap because it lasts until two days, save his taste and quality.

It is not recommended to provide it to Room temperature no more, no less add ice cubes to cool it, as the water from the melting of the ice will increase its proportion of water, thus changing the texture Perfect for gazpacho and to make it even more moist.

#10 Don’t change the usual ingredients

Gazpacho with vegetables and watermelon / Photo: Canva

Think gazpacho should only have greens and vegetables, so you can innovate different ingredients.

There are thousands of alternatives to traditional gazpacho recipes, including Fruit and sweets. Examples of this are Watermelon or Zucchini Gazpacho with Cherry Salmojo or Cold Mango and Carrot Creametc.

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