Here are all the celebrities who were attacked by fans during a performance. vanity fair italy

it’s definitely Tough times for busy singers on tour or in other live performances. after a few days, There were a few episodes involving Bebe Rexha and Ava Max.: First, while singing, he was hit in the face with a cell phone Due to which there was a big injury to his eye; others, in the same situation, he was slapped by a fan Joe managed to climb on stage and join them, although it is not known exactly how he managed to get past the barrier of security personnel. Luckily, the events ended with a good scare and a few scratches, but nothing more.

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Even though it is not the first time that during a concert one or more people in the audience decide to act aggressively towards their favorite people. Here are the most amazing events that happened in recent years.

Justin Biber

We are in 2010, at the beginning of the singer’s career, When a bag full of sweets is hit on his back during a concert. Bieber fell from the impact of the throw and then commented that he had hurt himself. And it could not be otherwise.

ariana big

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The singer was more “lucky” than her other colleagues. Lemons were thrown at him during a Coachella performance in 2019. interpreter of thanks, next She was quite surprised when she saw them on the stage, but there was nothing more to risk than to slip.

Harry Styles

Even our Harry experienced a lot, always at his first concert with One Direction. Now, the best he can get on stage is a teddy bear and some veggie burritos, At that time his face was hit with a bottle full of water. Receiving while singing is not exactly pleasant.

billie eilish

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