Here are the birthday gifts and prices!

Kylie Jenner has celebrated her 26th birthday, but what gifts did she receive? The prices for what he had are amazing!

10th of August it was the birthday of the “star of the Kardashians”, that is, Kylie Jenner. The girl has achieved 26 years and celebrated the occasion with his family and closest friends at a private yacht party. The celebration was incredible, as were the gifts she received. Only from his mother, Kris Jenner, he opened the package, the contents of which have an absurd price. Let’s find out together what it is!

The gift that left all Kylie fans speechless was the Hermes Birkin bag, but not from the current seasonal collections, but limited edition, represented by only three copies in the world. One of them was awarded to an American model and expenses exceeds $100,000. Although the gift was highly appreciated, the reaction of the birthday girl was definitely pleasant. curious: upon opening the package, his first thought was to ask the guests how many copies were made from the bag. When she was told that there were only 3 of them, she smiled and replied: “So stupid!”literally translated as “So silly!”.

However, in another video posted to social media, Kylie unpacked. a pair of Hermes sandals worth around $700.. His reactions at the moment of opening the gifts immediately disappeared. popular. In a word, these are very expensive gifts, quite sufficient for the standard of living of the most discussed American family. Were they happy? From what we see, the answer is yes!

Kylie Jenner birthday

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