here are the full plans for the end of his DC Universe!

Zack Snyder wanted to adapt Flashpoint to shut down his DC Universe forever, here are the director’s full plans!

As you know, the film Justice League Zack Snyder it was also supposed to have two more installments (full story here), but due to ongoing creative differences with producers and executives at Warner Bros. the DC uncut universe was canceled and plans changed completely.

Since he was in charge of running the DC Universe, Zack Snyder he had a precise blueprint for each character, which he began to build with the help of other directors and artists involved in the project.

Newly storyboard artist Jay Olive — who has worked on all of Snyder’s DC films — delved into the director’s plans for the future, revealing other interesting details.

First, Oliva confirmed that Snyder intended to develop the main story arc that would develop in the following films: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, three parts of the Justice Leaguecontinuation Man of SteelFilm about Flash and finally a crossover inspired by Hot Spotswhich would cover the entire universe.

In fact, the director was ready to realize the real reload universe in a choral project inspired by Hot SpotsWhere Eobard Thawne / Anti-Flash will play the role of the main antagonist.

However, Snyder first wanted to get the villain right.

In agreement with the director Rick Famuivathe plans were to show Antiflash in the first version of a separate film on Flashto then return it to Hot Spots as the main antagonist.

Rick Famuyiva’s The Flash was supposed to introduce the great villain of the DC Universe: Eobard Thawne (Anti-Flash). In the film, he will be a minor villain, influencing the minor villains and the rest of the Justice League.

The latter would actually go back in time from the future to “mess up Barry Allen’s life” by manipulating events and negatively influencing the rest of the Justice League before the ensemble film. In the end, again due to creative differences (the same ones that negatively undermined Snyder’s plans) Famuiva turned down a Barry Allen film, which years later was remade into Flash I recently saw it in the cinema.

Returning to Zack Snyder’s original plans, Oliva added:

At the end of the Darkseid quadrilogy, we’d have sort of a Justice League Unlimited Snyder universe… and then flipped it all around and did the Flashpoint Paradox. All friends became enemies, we would create a way that no one else wanted to live. Thanks to this, it was planned to reboot the universe and introduce a new composition. After 10 years, the actors have to deal with other projects.

Oliva, who also worked on the animated film Flash point paradoxadded that Zack Snyder’s idea was to accurately adapt the bleakness of this narrative universe while taking some creative liberties.

He really wanted to capture all the darkness of the comics by adapting it to a big Marvel action movie… Can you imagine Jason Momoa fighting Gal Gadot and then seeing them in a love story? All of these are missed opportunities. Being a part of all this was great, but also sad.


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