Here are the most anticipated series that will be released after the summer

As long as it writers’ strike and actors are paralyzing Hollywood, series fans are wondering which of their favorite titles will be able to return to the screens regularly. At this point, aside from the big last-minute turmoil, in fact, many series scheduled for next fall, especially on streaming platforms, should have a guaranteed debut.

So from here until the end of the year we’ll see a second season Wheel of Time (since September 1 on Prime Video), the second of Loki (Starting October 6 on Disney+) and – dates yet to be determined – new episodes Crown, boys and a new round American Horror Story with Kim Kardashian. For cults like House of the Dragon, White Lotus, and Rings of Power, we’ll have to wait until next year.

But there are also many absolute novelties in terms of TV series that will debut on various platforms after the summer: let’s look at the main titles.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

New arrives in the US in September The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixonspin-off with favorite character being played Norman Reedus. Daryl finds himself thrown into one Post-apocalyptic France. looking for something or maybe someone. However, his mission will soon intertwine with that of the French survivors on a journey that could forever change the balance between the zombie plague survivor factions. A release date for the series in Italy has yet to be announced, but fans of the franchise can’t wait for a new chapter of Daryl’s adventures, between action, tension and unexpected twists. Stay tuned for more details!

Generation V

As the hype around the appearance of the fourth season boysfans can pass the wait with Generation VAmazon spin-off will be released September 29 on Prime Video. The new series combines the violence, dark humor, and sensibility of the mother series, but places it in a coming-of-age story set in a college for teenage superheroes. Between supernatural powers and teen dramas, the main characters will have to learn to deal with their traumas and their own idiosyncrasies. Gen V promises to be a must-have product for The Boys fans thanks to its brash and politically incorrect style. Get your popcorn ready to watch as the Boys universe expands with never-before-seen content. Stay tuned for more details!

Chemistry lessons

From October 13 on Apple TV+ he arrives Chemistry lessonshistorical series with the main character Brie Larson. The action takes place in America in the 1960s. Elizabeth Zott, a chemistry whose life takes an unexpected turn. Forced to quit her lab job, Elizabeth gets a second chance to host a television cooking show in which she teaches housewives the science behind recipes. Between feminist messages and historical set designs, Chemistry lessons promises to be a gripping drama starring the stunning Brie Larson as a woman determined to take her life and career back into her own hands. Don’t miss the new retro-inspired production of Apple TV+.

All the light we can’t see

November 2 coming out on netflix All the light we can’t see, a miniseries based on the acclaimed novel by Anthony Doerr. The action takes place during the Second World War, and the main character is a blacksmith. Daniel LeBlanc (interpreted Mark Ruffalo) and her daughter Marie-Laure (Aria Mia Loberti), who escaped from Paris with a precious diamond. The girl, despite the fact that she is blind, will contact the German soldier Werner (Louis Hofmann from dark). In a rich composition, they also stand out Hugh Laurie and the script is signed Stephen Knight From Peaky Blinders. Behind the camera Shawn Levy From very strange things. This gripping drama mini-series promises thrills and unexpected twists in the backdrop of Nazi-occupied France. A must for costume drama lovers.


After debuting in Hawkeye, Maya Lopez/Echo returns with his own series set in the Marvel Universe on Disney+. From 29th of November he arrives EchoWith Alaqua Cox as a mute Native American with extraordinary powers. On the run from my criminal past Echo returns to Oklahoma to be reunited with his origins. But ruthless A thief in law (Vincent D’Onofrio) follows her trail, determined to deprive her of her freedom. They could also look into the plaster Charlie Cox like Daredevil and other faces familiar to Defenders fans. An unparalleled opportunity to discover the history of a new multifaceted Marvel heroine. Get ready to dive into this new part of the great Disney+ superhero universe.

True Detective: Nightland

New HBO Anthology Chapter Coming By Year’s End True detective, which in Italy will be broadcast on Sky. Authorized night country, the story takes place in the cold and dark landscape of Alaska. Main character Jodie Foster as a female police officer dealing with the mysterious disappearance of eight explorers at an Arctic station, as well as her tumultuous relationship with a Native American colleague. After three successful seasons True detective returns with an intriguing new detective story between ice and darkness, played by the award-winning Jodie Foster.


After the box office success of the saga with Keanu Reeves comes Continentala television series that explores the origins of the iconic killer hotel from the saga. John Wick. The series, set in 1970s New York, follows a young version Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) as he makes his way through the underworld to take over the reins of a notorious hotel that houses the world’s most vicious killers. Also stands out in the cast Mel Gibson. Fans of the saga can’t wait to discover the origins of the John Wick universe in this prequel that promises adrenaline and twists and turns. The first three episodes will debut in the US on September 22 on Peacock.

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