Here are the stars who rushed to help their colleagues with a $1 million donation

The Wrap has revealed the names of great Hollywood actors and actresses who have donated $1 million to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, which has been on strike for more than three weeks to help those who are struggling to succeed because they are not working.

The names of Hollywood stars who have donated $1 million or more to the emergency relief program have been revealed. SAG-AFTRA Foundation, with the goal of promoting a fair distribution of money among actors who are out of work due to the strike and unable to pay their bills or buy food. Unfortunately, the protest, which has been going on for 20 days, shows no signs of ending becauseAMPTP (Hollywood Producers Association) and the majors do not intend to comply with the requests of actors who primarily ask for a salary that takes into account inflation, their skill and a number of other factors. For example, he took a position in favor of his colleagues. Sean Pennand then there is the union protecting screenwriters, which went on strike even before SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

Superstars who donated $1 million to SAG-AFTRA.

Returning to the great and well-paid actors who have donated over $1 million to SAG-AFTRA, here are the biggest names:

The source of our news is The Wrap, which writes that the situation risks getting out of control. Writers and actors are unlikely to leave the field, and the more they refuse to work on or promote a film, the more difficulty they pose for the studios, who will sooner or later have to give in, or at least that’s what the strikers do. hope. Let’s see.

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