Here comes a rap show on Netflix featuring protagonist Fabri Fibra

New project on the horizon for the artist. He will be teaming up with two renowned collaborators to discover new rap talent.

A very interesting musical novelty is coming to Netflix: “New Scene – Rhythm+Flow Italy, This new program will feature three well-known rappers from the Italian scene: Fabbri Fibra, Giuliare and Rose Villain.

According to the advances, “New Scene – Rhythm+Flow Italia” appears to be a talent show in which Fibra and his collaborators will try Rising talents in Italian rap, A final prize of 100,000 Euros will also be awarded.

On Instagram, Fibra said the program “will”A rap show, not just a music competition, It’s a trip to the emerging scene of the main cities of Italian rap, The announcement of this new show has left the audience divided between those who are eagerly waiting for its release and those who are skeptical about the experiment and the characters involved.

Fabri Fibra judges a talent show: fan criticism

“New Scene – Rhythm+Flow Italia” is an international format that has already been successful in many parts of the world. The first edition in the United States saw participation from A-level judges such as Chance the Rapper, T.I., and Cardi B.

The first Italian version of the program will have 8 episodes and will be released on Netflix in 2024. Meanwhile, the three judges shared the first promotional photo on their social networks, which garnered mixed reactions.

Many Fibra fans have complained about the rapper’s choice to participate in a talent show (Instagram photo @fabri_fibra) –

As far as Fabri Fibra is concerned, many users have criticized their decision to participate in such production. Some have quoted a line from one of his earlier songs, taken from “Rap in My Country” from the 2015 album “Squalor”, which says: “Stay here to lead some talent, yeah, good ending! “. This sentence represents a strong criticism of those talent shows that exploit and cheat young talents. It was also against Fedez and Jay-X, who were then judges on The XFactor and The Voice, respectively.

This change in Fibra’s approach has caused some fans to turn up their noses. However, others are more optimistic and say they will wait to see the product before making a decision. After all, if done well, a show analyzing the Italian rap scene could definitely be interesting.

Many users point out that such a product has been missing in Italy since 2014, when “MTV Spit” was discontinued. Even Marrakesh, who, like Fibra, has always declared himself against the dynamics of talent shows, participated in MTV Spit as a judge and the program was highly appreciated by rap fans.

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