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Cindy Kimberly turned it into her signature look, Iris Lowe loves to play with it, adding some details to her outfit, as Hailey Bieber, Rosalia, Iris Apatow and many other influential stars on the international stage do. Not to mention the desire to give up ballet aestheticsbetter known as the balletcore, is once again dominating the world of trends with leggings, satin ballerinas, tulle dresses, hairpieces, bows, bows and other bows.

The renaissance driven by fashion houses that have made these details a hallmark of their latest collections (see: Miu Miu, Maison Margiela, Jacquemus, Sandy Liang) has contributed to the creation of something beautiful that, until recently, was not conceived as such, or at least at least not worthy of such attention among non-professionals.

Along with clothes, shoes, accessories, and hairstyles, a trend quickly spread on social media that proved to be predominant for Generation Z: balletcore makeup.

Ballerina makeup is a modern obsession

Went viral with hashtags #balletmakeup and #ballerinmakeup, which have collectively amassed over 10 million views, the ballerina makeup has established itself as one of the most popular on TikTok. Strictly in shades of pink, from soft to very bright, almost fuchsia, the make-up combines elegance with exaggeration in the name of a hyper-feminine who is not afraid to express herself at will.

Sometimes mixed with other trends such as barbicore, cottagecore and flirtatious aesthetics, united by a new idea of ​​feminism, ballerina makeup makes blush and highlight the trend’s etial. Bright and accessible, this is a guide to follow step by step (and tiptoe) to replicate makeup in the moment.

Ballet Core Makeup: The Perfect Lesson

When it comes to ballerina makeup, TikTok’s number one inspiration is Cindy Kimberly, model and founder of LOBA, a clothing brand with overtly flirtatious references.

The first step to replicate the hot pink and radiant makeup of a 25-year-old girl is to create a radiant base, preceded by a good preparation of the skin with a porcelain skin effect. A complexion-evening foundation, concealer at strategic points to eliminate discoloration, brighten the face and, if desired, lift it up for a more sculpted look that is maximized by lightly contouring the nose, cheekbones, and forehead. Once you have the base, which needs to be set with a setting spray or powder to make it more resistant and almost matte, as it was in the 90s, we move on to applying the blush. The intensity of the pigment can vary depending on personal taste, but it is important that it be in shades of pink. Blush in the form of powder or cream texture is applied with a brush on the highest part of the cheekbone to the outer corner of the eye and eyelid. At the same time, instead of creating a tan effect, the cheekbone area rises and protrudes outward, enhancing the smoothing of the face.

Then the pink blush should be used again in the eye makeup, to do this, use a palette of pink shades, where matte and shimmery shades alternate, to create a radiant makeup. A more intense shade should be shaded at the outer corner of the eye, and a lighter, almost creamy one, inside and in the center. The flat eye brush finishes by creating a pink crease that juts out towards the temples to elongate the look. Once the eyeshadow is applied, it should be reapplied over the blush to intensify the pigment and coat it as if it were glazed with a good dose of highlighter. Then the highlighter is applied to the moving eyelid and points of light around the face, for example, on the forehead, the tip and septum of the nose, and the chin.

As for the eyelashes, we advise you to first fix them with an eyelash curler, and only then make up them with voluminous mascara. The last step in the modern ballerina makeup is the lip makeup, which must be created by outlining the lips with a skin-colored pencil, a few tones darker than the complexion, and filling it with a highlighter. and finally applying a clear gloss as a top coat. The only thing left to do, given the amount of blush and glitter, is to spray the entire face with a makeup fixative, which will act as a protective shield for makeup.

Versatile and suitable for all skin tones, ballet-inspired makeup can be worn alone with chignons, braids and bows for a fashion-forward ballerina look.

Necessary products for repeating ballet makeup

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Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Las Salinas – Blush
Glow Face Palette - highlighter and blush
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Eye shadow palette ROSE edition.
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