Here is, As Easy to Install Google Play Store on a Huawei phone…



SHENZHENMobile the latest series of Huawei pascalarangan US President, Trump, up to now no longer have the Google Mobile Services (GMS). For users in China is not the Problem, but for the global consumer is a big problem.

Therefore, although not recommended, Huawei, many owners the handset recently the Chinese manufacturer was looking for a way to be able to updateinstall or install Service of Google Mobile. AmazingLast week found how to software you install Google Play on the Huawei phone the easy way. Also, the method is probably also applicable mobile Honor.

Quoted from: page GSM ArenaYou need a Chat-program-Partner (Partner Chat) with download-147 MB. Remember, this is not an official method, is not recommended by the manufacturer.

After you run the application, you need to Detect the knock Detection Device (devices), then Update Now (Now Repaired), and finally-after windows-Administrator of the device is displayed – Activate.

Restart the phone and you are ready to have the Google Play Store and is functioning in fact. Log in to your Google account and go to you -you can delete the app Chat-Partner. If you get the error message “device does not Protect Play certified”, then repeat this procedure.

GSM Arena try this Huawei P40 Lite and it works well. But if the test it on Huawei Mate 30 Per, they are not faced certified with the error message “” and the above-mentioned methods do not help.

Our device is one of the registry early so that the retail hardware might behave differently -is there a report function on the Mate-30 Pro and the Huawei Y7p.

Once again, this is no way to install the official Google Play services on Huawei mobile phone. So there is no guarantee how long this method will continue to work.