Here Is How to Install Google Play Store in the Huawei phone Easily


You can try how to install Google Play Store in the Huawei phone easily using the app to Chat-app Partner, but this is not an official way, and do it at your own risk – You can be aware if some of the Smartphones Huawei in particular, the recent models such as the flagship Mate-30 Series does not come with Google services Play Store.

Many cell phone users Huawei search of a way to restore the Google applications on the device to her, and until now there is no official way to do it easily.

Actually, Huawei has Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) You can create as an alternative to Google Mobile Services, including the Play Store also. But those who are familiar with Google may are not familiar with.

If you are looking for you, there is a new way to install apps and services, Google Play Store, Huawei smartphone with use