Here is How to Replace the Background Zoom-Apps during a Video conference


Here is how to replace the background Zoom Video conference

Here is how to replace the background Zoom Video conference

In the middle of the complaint, a day at home, app-Zoom-Video Conferencing is also widespread. Zoom is used as a means to learn, meet, just to say Hello to your friends or family.

Although easy, the use of Zoom has the consequences that can be unpleasant: the invisibility of the atmosphere of our homes. Understandably, not all houses have a space to work that is looks neat and professional.

Fortunately, Zoom has a feature to replace the background, or the background of your Videos. So instead of a clothesline or a stack of pillows, your video background will be replaced, photo/video, the “worth it”.

Here you will learn how to change the background on the Zoom in your PC or notebook computer.

  1. Click on the user icon (with your photos) in the upper right, then click settings
  2. Later, the window is open, a variety of menus, including a Virtual Background
  3. Click on Virtual Background, then you choose the photos/videos there. The options range from the Golden Gate Bridge, the beach atmosphere in the room.
  4. If you are using photos from his own collection, you want to click on the + icon next to the option Choose a Virtual Background. Later, a pop-up box will appear to upload photos/videos to your collection

To replace background, simply click on the user icon (the photo in the top right corner)>settings>Virtual Background”/></p><div class=

To replace background, simply click on the user icon (the photo in the upper-right corner)>settings>Virtual Background

As for replacing the background in mobile apps Zoom, this is it.

  1. If you join a meeting, tap the menu the three dots in the lower right corner and click on the menu
  2. Select A Virtual Background
  3. Select a background color or upload a picture/video of your personal

As a information, features, Virtual Background, the face /shoulder and the difference with the background work, how to detect. The proof of him, her face is kept, while the background is replaced.

Therefore, a Virtual Background, the most ideal is, if with a green screen and lighting are uniform. If this is not possible, at least, sufficient light and you the wearing of clothes, which contrast with the background.

If we try, the virtual background is enough to eliminate in order to help the original background. Only you should not move a lot, because it is the algorithm to make a virtual background “re-think” and part of the body, they are short cut.

But instead of seeing the house a mess, a Virtual Background in a Zoom is very helpful.

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