Here is the list of diseases for which working leave can be claimed

List of diseases applying for disability may be updated soon Photo: IMSS

Some modifications considered in reform Discussed within Senate House and in House of RepresentativesA new product is announced disease list Work on Mexicomatters directly related to incapacity to work due to illness.

This new reform aims to federal labor law Here we share details about a new form for people to state work-related illnesses that can lead to disability.

Once this initiative is put to a vote, this will become the new disease table and it is important to remember that doctors will determine its severity and how much bosses must pay workers with any of the following diseases: In addition, they will also consider to the resulting disease or condition.

As long as the House of Representatives and Senators decide to vote for reforms, the main goal of which is to increase labor productivity, the table of work-related diseases in the Mexican territory for the remainder of the year will look like this.

New conditions will be evaluated by Dr. Foto Cuartoscuro

According to the National Social Security Agency, new disease The circumstances under which incapacity can be applied for are as follows:

– work pressure

– Illnesses caused by inhalation of pollutants in the workplace

– muscle damage

– Infectious diseases

– anxiety

– Bone damage

– Insomnia

– Chronic peripheral venous insufficiency

– depressed

– various cancers

– Avian Influenza

– flu

– Fall

– conjunctivitis

– Ischemic heart disease

– Mild and moderate visual impairment

– glaucoma


– Aplastic anemia

– high blood pressure

– Chronic lung disease

– allergic dermatitis

– Carpal tunnel syndrome

With a historic vote in the House of Representatives, the Occupational Illness and Injury Table considered in the Federal Labor Code (LFT) expands its catalog as From 161 cases to 194 cases consideredIn addition, the occupational hazard table for disability assessment has increased from 409 to 524 items.

and Chapter 427 vote in favor After more than 50 years of no review, opinions sought in April Amendments to Articles 513, 514 and 515.

It should be noted that these changes will be discussed in the Senate of the Republic and, if they come into effect, all workers will have constitutional support to claim paid disability as well as compensation.

So these will be disease The above law will take this into account:

– Add to 10 diseases caused by poisoning.

– Multiple disease effects Mental Healthsuch as anxiety, insomnia, depression and stress-related disorders (burnout).

– Pathology contagious and parasitic Examples include Covid-19, bird flu, and AH5N1 flu.

eye diseasesuch as cataracts, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and mild visual impairment.

– different kinds of cancer.

chronic peripheral venous insufficiency.

– Carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder tendonitis and spinal injuries.

– Breast cancer, endometriosis and recurrent miscarriage.

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