Here you can get hemodialysis treatment at a low cost in Guadalupe!

Guadalupe government holds opening ceremony Dr. Donato Saldívar Hemodialysis Unit,It is located Guadalupe Medical Center.

Within this new space, services will be provided at affordable prices For people who need this treatment and can afford private medical care.

“Today we perform hemodialysis in this center thanks to the license of the medical institution Cofepris in Mexico Cityour operations are recognized by the federal government,” the city’s mayor explainedChristina Diaz.

Inquiry price and time

The council provides direct dial telephones to citizens, 81-40-40-90-81for those who want to make an appointment or learn more about the room.

cost of hemodialysis thousand 599 pesoswhich includes a consultation with a nephrologist.

Schedule for this section Guadalupe Medical Center Hours are Monday to Friday 07:00 to 15:00.

In addition, the unit will also provide pick-up service CMG Santa Cruz and Northsidefor those who cannot find themselves in the above points.

Requirements to be able to make an appointment

The City Council commented that if you want to receive hemodialysis treatment, Must be taken under the medical advice of a specialist.

In addition to updating laboratory tests and virus marker tests not older than two months, such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, All updated.

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