Here’s Dua Lipa’s song that made Trent Reznor cry

A few days ago, on the sidelines of a conversation with Rick Rubin for the Tetragrammaton podcast, Trent Reznor, among other things, revealed that “I cried listening to Dua Lipa’s song“. Now The Nine Inch Nails frontman also shared the title of the song that made him emotional:levitating“, originally released by the pop star in 2020 as a single from her second studio album, “Future nostalgiaand then re-recorded in several versions, including the Blessed Madonna remix with Madonna and Missy Elliot, and the remix with DaBaby.

On the microphones of Rick Rubin’s podcast, Reznor made it clear that he revisited his opinion that pop music “sucks in general” after hearing her daughter sing one of Dua Lipa’s songs. “The other day I heard my daughter, who is six years old, singing Dua Lipa,” the musician said: “She was really involved, and it was very beautiful. I thought it was his music. It’s his business. It really reminded me of the art of writing a well-constructed song. The other day I cried listened to Dua Lipa’s song because it really was a well-done piece of music. It was brilliant. It’s difficult! I do not know how to do it. Because when I think about what to say or how to say it, I say it straight.”

Following his remarks under an Instagram post from Stereogum, a user wrote that he had need to know what song Trent Reznor meant. Then the leader of Nine Inch Nails himself intervened, who replied: “My daughter’s performance was on top. When he sings the line with the word ‘sugarbu’, it breaks me.”

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