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Here’s how Cardano’s founder feels about ‘unethical’ projects on blockchain

During a recent surprise ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson addressed everything from personal insults and questions about communism to doubts about Cardano after the Alonzo fork.

One of the questions directed at Hoskinson was regarding how he feels about unethical projects on the Cardano blockchain. Are they just something you have to deal with? Asked one user.

Hoskinson’s answer, however, was a vehement “no.” He said,

“Why? Because it is an open infrastructure. If it is an open infrastructure, by definition good people and bad people have equal access to it. Community healing, regulation and other things will show up to help clean that up. “

He added,

“And that’s Voltaire’s point. That’s the point of Catalyst. That’s the point of the ambassadors and the foundation and [the] to the point that you guys use your brains. “

Community Rules

According to the CardanoVoltaire Roadmap it is the fifth and final evolutionary stage of the blockchain project. With the launch of a treasury and voting system, network users should be able to participate in the development of Cardano as it moves away from the management of IOHK.

In the meantime, Catalyst has provided quite a few Cardano project proposals. The community site accepts submissions, allows voting, and has a quality control reviewer or “community advisor”.

User governance, among other ideas, such as Dapps and Dapp certified stores, will be one of the topics to be discussed during the next Cardano Summit.

Next, Hoskinson reminded viewers that, unlike robberies or robberies, crypto scams are not “one-way.” He cited the ADA gift scams on YouTube as an example. In the past, older videos were used to trick viewers into sending money. In fact, smaller channels have also been hacked in the past for the same thing.

That said, Hoskinson also pointed to YouTube’s liability in the matter. He accused the video hosting giant of making money from videos that scam users “across the industry.”

YouTube on the bench

However, Hoskinson is not the first in the crypto community to point the finger at YouTube. In 2020, Ripple and Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse sued YouTube for failing to enforce its own policies when it allegedly enabled XRP giveaway scams.

The lawsuit was established earlier this year. Still, it is easy to find crypto scams and fake channels using stolen videos on the platform.

As the Cardano ecosystem expands, both community initiatives and external policies will play a role in cracking down on unethical projects and scams.

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