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Since the first generative artificial intelligence models were introduced, more and more companies have become interested in them and how they can enhance the ability to work. In view of this phenomenon, open artificial intelligence decided to take advantage of the growing demand and launched Chat GPT Enterprise.

This model is suitable for companies, «discount Enterprise-grade security and privacy and the most powerful version of ChatGPT to date«.a new service Available now Developers continue to upgrade and will attract the attention of all organizations looking to integrate this AI in a safe and professional manner. Pricing for the new plan for businesses has not been disclosed.

Security, Privacy, GPT-4, and Larger Contextual Windows

As is customary, OpenAI itself reported the news on its blog, highlighting that just nine months after ChatGPT launched, more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies have integrated it in some way into their workforce.

Now, thanks to ChatGPT Enterprise, they hope these and many more companies will progress”towards a artificial intelligence work assistant Help with any task, customized for your organization and secure your corporate data«.

This is thanks to the integrated functionality ChatGPT Enterprise Programinclude Enhanced security and privacy measures (The data provided by the company will not be used to train ChatGPT to avoid leakage), Unlimited access to the highest speed version of GPT-4 So far, advanced data analysis features, customization options, and more.Additionally, it provides larger context window Capable of handling longer text inputs, with 32,000 contextual tokens.

Upcoming news about ChatGPT Enterprise

In the same statement, they reported that More features and benefits are in development It will be included in ChatGPT Enterprise soon. all these are:

  • personalise: By connecting the apps you already use, you will be able to extend ChatGPT’s knowledge with your company’s data.
  • Accessible to teams of all sizes: An option for small teams to access the self-service ChatGPT Business product will be created.
  • authorization tool: A more powerful version of Advanced Data Analysis and Optimized Navigation.
  • Solutions for Specific Roles: As a data analyst, marketing specialist, customer service, etc.

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