Here’s what a young man’s lungs left behind from overusing a vaporizer: ‘It’s horrific’

A 20-year-old wrestler underwent surgery to remove part of his lung, which was severely affected by overuse of a vaporizer. “It’s really scary,” the young man said, observing the black spots on his lungs.

American mixed martial artist Sean Tobin has been vaping since 2018. I work from morning till nightHe also smoked marijuana and THC oil on some occasions, according to the Mirror.

“I’ve been vaping since I was 15 and have never let go of my hand. It’s very, very common.”the young man recalled.

At the end of July, when he was commuting to and from get off work, he developed severe back pain. “I got in the truck and it felt like I pulled a muscle in my back,” Tobin added.

He thought it was pneumonia, but the pain continued to get worse, so he went to the hospital.

During the examination, a camera was inserted into his chest.Doctors and patients were surprised to find that a black spot.

“It was a horrible thing. As soon as I saw it, I was really angry with myself. I was so upset and thought “fuck I did this to my lungs”. My cardiorespiratory fitness is very good. I’m so healthy, I shouldn’t have started vaping,” Tobin blamed himself.

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Doctors determined her right lung had collapsed, so they performed surgery to remove the air from her lung and chest. Two days later, the pain had not stopped and they had to undergo surgery.

“I feel like I did it myself. I simply didn’t treat my lungs the way they should have in those years.Tobin argued.

Surgeons taped the lung to the chest wall so it wouldn’t collapse again. at present, Sean Tobin still recovering, still out of training.

“Before it happens to you, you never think it’s going to happen to you,” concluded the fighter, who remembers watching videos about the consequences of vaping but didn’t know the toll it was taking on his health. s consequence.

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