Here’s what you should always clean in your home before entertaining: A quick general clean!

How to do a quick and efficient house cleaning?next we tell you 10 Simple Tips for Cleaning Certain Areas of Your Home You certainly don’t want your guests to see dirty things like bathtub curtains, check soap dishes and splatter from faucets.With these tips, you will surely good image of your home When friends or family members visit your home.

Ideally there is a good daily cleaning routineBut if you’re short on the time and the desire, we teach you how to clean some of the busiest, most-used, dirt-prone areas, and behold, behold!

Baskets with cleaning products

let’s do it!

According to expert Paula Seiton, 3 simple, homemade and super effective cleaning tips can keep the most difficult corners of your home spotless. // with video

Vacuum before your friends or guests come home On the floor, because it is a transit area that passes through several times a day, I also took the opportunity to clean the dust on the furniture.This can be suggested Empty the litter box, shake the rug small and doormat, Change towel and wipe with damp sanitizing cloth For appliances and countertops. In order to make the house more visually tidy, Pick up stray bags, shoes or trash In the entryway or bedroom, use our tips to clean the bathroom and change the towels.

Where to start cleaning?

For effective cleaning, we recommend that you Organize by room. You can start with the living room, as it is likely to be where guests spend the longest time in the house, where you should place cushions gracefully on the sofa and use a cloth to wipe dirt off the TV.

The second place your guests are sure to go, and therefore the most important, is the give a Fast and Efficient Review Especially the top of the toilet, shine it to the tap descaling And clean the partition glass.

To receive deserving guests and be good hosts, Prepare a delicious snack or dinner And remember what drink you’re serving them. be sure to pay attention to the decoration And, if they continue to sleep, try to keep the bedroom they will be using well-ventilated.use some natural air freshenerThings like lavender or mint can make a room smell nice and make guests feel comfortable.return leave some towels Put on a comforter or duvet, and make sure there is a small space in the closet so they can hang clothes and unpack.

Here are 11 bathroom-cleaning things cleaning pros always do, according to expert Paula Seiton.

No germs!

11 Things a Cleaning Pro Always Do to Clean Your Bathroom, According to Expert Paula Seiton

If you’re having visitors at home, what needs to be cleaned?

1. TV remote control

If you have guests in your home, chances are at some point you will propose to them: “See what you want”. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the remote control a little bit, because the remote control has accumulated a lot of bacteria on our hands, it is an item that we use almost every day, and it is easy to get dirty. clean it with antibacterial wipes Ready.

2. Inside the microwave oven

Cleaning the inside of the microwave

Watching movies with friends is a good plan, and microwave popcorn is indispensable.If you don’t want your guests to see the dirt that has built up inside your microwave: place a Bowl with a glass of water and a slice of lemon and turn it on at full power for a few minutes.leave it alone Cool for 15 minutes and Sponge the interior. Now you don’t have to worry anymore!

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