“He’s a Great Boy”: Belinda’s Mother Talks About Her Daughter’s Relationship With Christian Nodal


Mrs. Belinda Schull confessed for the first time what she thinks of the romance that her daughter currently has with the singer Christian Nodal, whom she described as noble and with a great heart

Although the courtship between Belinda and Christian Nodal began amid the controversy when both participated as coaches in the reality show ‘La Voz’, in Mexico, they have shown that their love is very serious and even have the approval of their respective families.

The first to approve the romance was Cristy Nodal, the singer’s mother since through the social networks she has shared how happy she is with her son’s relationship. But now it was the turn of Mrs. Belinda Schull, who spoke of the love that the young couple has.

After spending difficult days due to the recent death of her mother, Mrs. Juana Moreno, Belinda’s mother revealed that she suffered from depression, however, she is already resuming her life.


“I have been very involved with the loss of my mother, with a little depression, overcoming because I no longer have either father or mother left and my children no longer have grandparents left either. Overcoming that difficult moment, “he explained to the media.

Mrs. Belinda Schull returned to Mexico to support her son Nacho Peregrín, who a few days ago ran as a candidate for Deputy. It was precise during a campaign event where he shared that he has always had a different personality than Belinda, so he does not rule out that he has a great performance in politics.

Of course, he also spoke about his daughter and the romance he currently has with the interpreter of “Tell me how you want” and “They did not tell me wrong”, whom he described as noble and with a great heart.

“All this comes to fill me with happiness. Christian I see that he is a great boy, very simple, I see that they love each other very much and the only thing I want is for Belinda to be happy ”, he explained.

In addition, he shared some characteristics that the man who manages to conquer his daughter’s heart must-have, which apparently the interpreter has already achieved.

“ We look at the heart, that’s the most important thing; everything else, as the Bible says, is added. A great heart, a great human being, and that is what happiness does. And I can say it myself, that I have been married all my life, “he added.

Finally, Belinda Schull stressed that her daughter has been a romantic young woman since she was very little, she is also feminine, and all she wants is for Christian Nodal to make her very happy. 


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