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‘He’s like that’: Madison Pettis and 10 things you did not know about the protagonist of the Netflix movie

Madison Pettis is best known for her work on ‘Training Dad’ alongside Dwayne Johnson, but her most recent work on ‘He’s like this’ put her in the global spotlight again. We tell you everything you need to know about it.

He’s like this has quickly risen to one of the most popular titles in the Netflix catalog, even above the 100, How much is life worth? and The secret life of your pets. In this remake of the 1999 comedy, She’s Like That, Padgett (Addison Rae) a young influencer goes viral for her humiliating love breakup and, To save his reputation, he accepts a risky challenge: transform Cameron (Tanner buchanan), the scruffy, antisocial boy from school, at the prom king.

The Giant’s Ribbon streaming It also has the participation of Madison Pettis, who started her career from a very young age, balancing his work between television series, cinema and presenting his voice to all kinds of animated characters, so we are going to share 10 things you did not know about the actress.

After taking a look at this slideshow focused on Pettis’ personal and professional life, you will become the center of the conversation in your group of friends by learning little-known details of the young interpreter, whom you will surely remember from a young age on Disney Channel shows and alongside Dwayne Johnson.

Madison essentials

Instagram: Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis was born on July 22, 1998 in Arlington, Texas, so right now she is 24 years old and has a height of 1.60m.

Film actress since the age of 8

Madison Pettis had her big break with her first movie at age 8, when she played the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the hit Disney family comedy, Training Dad.

Represented at 6 years

Madison Pettis’ mother decided to enter her in a contest for FortWorthChild magazine in her native Texas, since then she already had a representative with only 6 years.

acting classes

Instagram: Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis were such a fan of the Disney Channel show, That’s so raven, which inspired her to take acting classes in the “Everybody Fits Acting, for film” course, which also included Selena Gomez, Jennifer Stone and Cody Linely.

Barney and his friends

One of the first television roles for Madison Pettis was on the popular show Barney and his friends, where she played instruments, sang and danced, skills that made her stand out from the rest of the child actors since she was little.

Work with animated characters

Madison Pettis has also dedicated part of her acting career to working with her voice in animated productions such as Horton and the World of Whos, Mickey Mouse: Adventure Mix, The Lion Guard, Little princess sofia, among other titles.

Awkward kisses

Instagram: Madison Pettis

The scenes with kisses in between are not as easy to shoot as they seem, Madison Pettis has confessed that her first kiss on a set was an uncomfortable experience since the cameras had to be very close to her face and the moment was repeated many times to capture different angles.

Favorite hobbies

Instagram: Madison Pettis

From a very young age, Madison Pettis has excelled as a singer and dancer, yet they are skills that she not only uses in her work, but they are her favorite hobbies off the set.

Relationship with Jaden Smith


Last June, Madison Pettis and Jaden Smith were portrayed by paparazzi as they walked together through the streets of West Hollywood, where they entered a restaurant and spent the rest of the night, although a love relationship has not been confirmed, the fans of both Actors have started to speculate about it.

Ruining childhoods?

Instagram: Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis revealed in an interview with Teen Vogue that she has received comments regarding her physical change: “People always made jokes like ‘You remind me of my childhood.’ And then, little by little, as I have grown and played more roles. grown-ups, being a little sexier, people say, ‘Oh my God, you’re ruining my childhood.’

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