Hideo Kojima Announced The Collaboration Of Death / Stranding, With A Half-Time


INDOZONE.ID After the successful launched exclusively on the PS4 and get a lot of awards at The Game Awards in 2019, this time Kojima Productions is getting ready to release the game of death / stranding on the PC platform.

You will be made aware of the presence of a game of Hideo Kojima in the PC platform was welcomed by many players around the world. It’s Hideo Kojima power wanted something special, to the game of death / stranding of the PC version of the.

Death / Stranding
Death / Stranding (Photo/Kojima Productions)

Recently, Kojima Productions have officially announced that they will be Helped along with the game-to bring to Life a lot of interesting accessories in the game of death / stranding of the PC version.

In the trailer, from uploaded, 505Games as the publisher of the game of death / stranding of the PC version, look, Sam Porter bridges the present with the tap of a ‘typical’, usually on the game by Valve.

In addition, there is a gear cap with the element of the monster crabs of the game series Half-Life. The presence of these accessories certainly makes the game of death / stranding it looks different with the PlayStation 4 version.

The game of death / stranding of the PC version starts at the 2. June 2020 in the framework of the Epic Games Store, and Steam. But if the game is a collaboration with Valve, certainly feels very strange, when the game was still released on EGS.

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