Hideo Kojima wants to make movies and series, and has already launched a new division of his studio to make it happen

If you are one of those who thinks that Hideo Kojima’s video games (the ‘Metal Gear’ saga, ‘Death Stranding’) are more movies than video games, you may have been right in the direction of the mythical creator. Kojima Productions confirmed today that its Los Angeles offices will dedicate resources to seize “opportunities in the television and film space”.

A path that had already been open for a long time

Kojima is not going to have too much work to be able to enter that industry. Games like ‘Death Stranding’ already have performances by renowned actors such as Norman Reedus or Mads Mikkelsen, which already indicates that the director is interested in setting foot in Hollywood and that it won’t take too long to start conversations with more actors and directors.

Yoshiko Fukuda, Director of Business Development at Kojima Productions, commented that the intention is to “take the study to even more areas beyond video games” and “open channels with fans so that they communicate and become immersed in those spaces.”

At the moment nothing is known about what series or movies Hideo Kojima may have in mind, and in fact nothing is known about his next video game either (the ‘Abandoned’ rumor ended in delays and anger from the fans). And it is not worth mentioning the future adaptation of Metal Gear Solid by Oscar Isaac, since it is in charge of Sony Pictures although Kojima will help with the script.

Hideo Kojima and the challenge of connecting with the player through the video game

To know what they are up to, we will have to wait several more months, the division has just been created and this is the first step. We may see new ideas and stories, or maybe there are adaptations of Kojima’s older works – would anyone like to see a SD Snatcher movie or series?

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